How to use green tea to lose weight effectively

How to use green tea to lose weight effectively

If you are wondering if drinking green tea can lose weight, if so, how to drink green tea to lose weight to be effective and safe. Not only has the effect of purifying the body and beautifying, green tea, if used properly, will help you maintain a slim figure.

Green tea is quite popular with everyone and offers many health benefits, especially effective when using green tea to lose weight and keep in shape. Let's find out with Health Life For You how effectively you should use this tea to lose weight.

Is green tea effective for weight loss

The answer is definitely YES:

Green tea is one of the weight loss drinks that help the body burn more fat. Besides, drinking tea also helps you lose weight at a faster rate. You can use green tea in combination with honey and pomegranate which is also very good for weight loss.

You can drink 2 to 4 cups of tea a day without fear of any problems.

The natural relaxants found in tea help reduce stress and boost metabolism, thus helping you lose weight and maintain your figure and fitness in the most effective way.

How to make and drink green tea to lose weight

How to make green tea and drink green tea to lose weight

1. Make tea properly

Properly brewed tea not only retains its inherent delicious taste, but also does not lose healthy nutritional components, especially those that help with weight loss. Usually, tea is not brewed properly, when drinking it has a bitter, acrid taste and loses its delicious taste.

How to make green tea for weight loss:

Using mineral water is the best option to have a delicious pot of tea.

Wash green tea leaves, you can use scissors to cut them or use your hands to lightly crush the tea leaves.

Then put the tea leaves in the pot. Pour boiling water into the teapot.
Note to use boiling water about 70 - 80% compared to the kettle to brew the tea, do not cover the lid: doing so can keep the tea taste good and not make the next water pale, and at the same time limit the destruction of the tea. High temperature destruction of beneficial ingredients in tea.

Avoid making green tea with boiling water at 100 degrees or leaving the tea too long in boiling water, this will cause the polyphenols, vitamin C will be destroyed, the tea will gradually turn yellow, followed by the aroma. of tea will also be lost. To keep the aroma and not the acrid taste of the tea, you should skip the first water to make the tea.

2. Drink tea properly

Green tea has many good effects on human health, but that doesn't mean you can drink it whenever you like. It is necessary to drink green tea to lose weight in the right way, at the right time to help you lose weight safely and effectively without harming your health.

The appropriate time to drink weight loss tea is in the morning, when you wake up and after having breakfast for at least 30 minutes to an hour because after a long night, the body has consumed a significant amount of water.

Drinking a cup of tea every morning will timely replenish water and can lower blood pressure, reduce the process of absorbing fat from food.
You can also enjoy a cup of green tea after a salty meal to help diuretic, excrete excess salt from the body or after meals with too much fat for about 30 minutes.

The ingredients in green tea have the effect of supporting digestion, reducing the absorption of fats in food as well as vitamins that the body needs. It is best to drink green tea 30 minutes to an hour after a meal. If you want to control your appetite, you should drink green tea an hour before a meal.

Along with using green tea, it is also necessary to combine with appropriate diet and exercise to achieve good results. In addition, you can also use green tea in combination with fresh lemon juice to lose weight faster.

Lemon contains acids that help decompose excess fat tissue under the skin, combined with green tea to remove them from the body. You should add fresh lemon juice to the tea when the tea is warm and drink it immediately to avoid losing the effect of the tea.

3. Effect of green tea

According to research by scientists, using green tea in addition to helping people feel alert and refreshed, it is also especially important in:

Preventing the development of cancer as well as some gynecological diseases.

Green tea is also effective in soothing allergic components caused by food or weather.

Tea contains flavonoids, an antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Green tea helps the body to prevent bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoporosis, etc.

Note when using green tea to lose weight

Note when using green tea to lose weight

Green tea can help the body burn fat and lose weight actively, but if used in the wrong way, it will become a double-edged sword that is harmful to health. So, if you want to drink green tea to lose weight, you should remember carefully:

Do not use too much green tea, each day should be less than 200ml of green tea water.

Do not make green tea too thick.

Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach because at this time, green tea will increase gastric acid secretion, causing a feeling of gnawing, intestinal irritation, and stomach damage.

Do not drink green tea with Western medicine because the substances in green tea can interact with drugs that are toxic to the body.

The way to lose weight with green tea is very effective, but should not drink more than three cups of green tea per day, should not drink on an empty stomach. Because drinking tea on an empty stomach not only affects the stomach but also makes you cold, affecting the respiratory system, especially the lungs.

In addition, when you finish eating, you should not enjoy green tea right away. Green tea will make your gastric juices diluted, which is very harmful to the digestion of food, and at the same time, stimulates the stomach lining, which can lead to inflammation in the long run, so usually after eating about 30 minutes after eating. Minutes to 1 hour to drink green tea is the best.

Sipping a cup of green tea, enjoying the feeling of relaxation with the fresh air is great, isn't it. Green tea is not only delicious and healthy, but drinking green tea also helps you lose weight effectively. So choose green tea to lose weight as a daily drink.

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