Sirtfood diet: Apply correctly to lose weight effectively

Sirtfood diet: Apply correctly to lose weight effectively

Although the sirtfood diet can help you lose weight quite quickly, it still has certain limitations, so you need to consider carefully before applying. If applied incorrectly, you may feel tired or hungry due to too few calories and nutrients.

When following the sirtfood diet, you will need to limit your calorie intake as well as not having many food choices at each meal. However, this is still a pretty healthy diet because it can help you lose weight pretty quickly and has a lot of healthy foods.

What is the sirtfood diet

sirtfood diet

The sirtfood diet was developed by two nutritionists in the UK. This diet is based on sirtuin research (SIRTs). This is a group of 7 proteins in the body that have been shown to help regulate many body functions such as metabolism, inflammation and aging.

Certain natural plant compounds can help increase the levels of these sirtuin proteins in the body. Foods with these compounds are called sirtfoods. The sirtfood diet requires you to consume a lot of these foods.

The list of 20 outstanding sirtfoods you can refer to is:
- Kale vegetables

- Red wine

- Strawberry

- Onion

- Soy bean

- Parsley leaves

- Pure olive oil

- Dark Chocolate (85% cocoa)

- Matcha green tea

- Buckwheat

- Turmeric

- Walnuts

- Arugula

- Dangerous chili

- Mountain tree

- Dates Medjool

- Pink lettuce

- Blueberry

- Capers bud

- Coffee

A diet low in calories and high in the sirtfoods mentioned above can trigger the body to produce more sirtuin. The creators of the sirtfood regimen claim that this helps you lose weight quickly while maintaining muscle mass and avoiding chronic diseases.

How to follow the sirtfood diet

sirtfood diet

The sirtfood diet has two phases lasting a total of 3 weeks. After this period, you can continue to include the foods in your diet if you want. You can refer to the book The Sirtfood Diet (Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten) for specific recipes.

However, in general, this diet will consist of two main stages and the process is repeated once completed.

Phase one

The first phase lasts 7 days and focuses on limiting calories and drinking lots of green vegetable juices. This is the phase that helps you start losing weight and is said to help you lose about 3.2 kg in 7 days.

During the first 3 days of phase one, your daily calorie intake must be less than 1,000 calories. You will drink 3 green vegetable juices per day with a meal. The main foods in the meal are sirtfood foods.

On days 4-7 of phase one, you should be able to take in 1,500 calories per day. You will have 2 green vegetable juices per day and two sirtfood rich meals.

Phase two

Phase two lasts for 2 weeks. During this diet maintenance phase, you will continue to lose weight steadily. However, you won't have to specifically limit calories during this phase as in phase one. Instead, you can eat three meals rich in sirtfood foods and drink a green vegetable juice every day.

After finishing

After finishing the above two phases, you can repeat this process as often to lose more weight if you want. To maintain this diet, you should continue to incorporate sirtfood foods into your daily menu after completing the two phases.

In addition, you should also continue to drink green vegetable juices every day. This makes the sirtfood diet a healthy habit, not a strict diet.

The effectiveness of the sirtfood diet

The effectiveness of the sirtfood diet

Studies show that many of the foods recommended in the sirtfood diet are healthy. For example, the health benefits of dark chocolate in moderation can help reduce the risk of heart disease and help fight inflammation. Green tea may help reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes as well as help lower blood pressure. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and may even protect you from chronic diseases related to inflammation.

However, there are currently no long-term human studies that have determined that the sirtfood diet provides significant health benefits. To apply this diet more effectively, you should note the following:

Risk of weight gain: To date, there is no evidence that the sirtfood diet is more effective for weight loss than other low-calorie diets. Limiting calories to less than 1,000 calories per day combined with exercise will almost always help you lose weight.

Besides, only about a third of the weight you lose in the first week of a calorie-restricted diet is fat. The rest of the weight is due to loss of water, muscle, and glycogen. This means that as soon as you increase your calorie intake, your body will replenish its glycogen stores and you will likely gain weight again.

Diet without variety: The sirtfood diet consists mostly of healthy foods and may offer some health benefits due to its antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties. However, a diet containing only a handful of healthy foods cannot meet all of the body's nutritional needs. You will probably need more food than is recommended in the sirtfood diet.

Lack of calories and nutrients: Eating 1,000 calories without a doctor's supervision can be unhealthy. Even 1,500 calories is too little for most people. This diet also requires you to drink up to 3 glasses of green vegetable juice per day. This is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, but is high in sugar and has almost no healthy fiber like fresh fruits and vegetables. What's more, fruit juices can affect blood sugar levels and oral health. In addition, the sirtfood diet is very low in calories and does not have variety, so it is easy for you to be deficient in protein, vitamins and minerals, especially in phase one.

Although the initial phase of the sirtfood diet is very low in calories and nutritionally inadequate, it does not last long and is usually not dangerous for healthy adults. However, you may feel hungry, especially when you mostly consume juices that are low in fiber, a nutrient that helps you feel full. During phase one, you may also experience other side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, and irritability from taking too few calories. Besides, the early stages can also lead to some dangerous changes in blood sugar for people with diabetes.

Difficult to maintain in the long term: It is difficult to maintain a low calorie diet that is not as varied as the sirtfood diet over the long term. Besides, the cost of buying manuals, cooking tools as well as food according to this diet is also quite high. In addition, you also need to spend a lot of time preparing food and juices. So, this is a somewhat difficult diet to maintain for most people.

The sirtfood diet is packed with healthy foods and can help you lose weight fairly quickly. However, this is a low-calorie diet and requires patience. So, you should consider carefully before deciding to apply this diet so as not to affect your health.

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