10 cocktails that dieters can drink freely

10 cocktails that dieters can drink freely

If you're wondering how partying can ruin your diet plan, Health Life For You has a few cocktail suggestions for you to enjoy without worrying about affecting your diet. Let's try it.

Gimlet – 178 calories

If you are a fan of gin then gimlet is a perfect choice when going to the bar. This drink is a combination of lemonade and gin. Also to reduce even more calories, we can skip the step of adding sugar, instead just add syrup and lemon juice.

Martini – 176 calories

A classic martini will be a combination of vermouth and gin. Ask the bartender to make you a little vermouth with more white wine and maybe extra olives if you like.

Mojito – 168 calories

Rum lovers often avoid choosing popular cocktails like Maitai or LIT, instead we can choose a mint mojito. This cocktail with a mixture of sugar, mint leaves and lemon will help those who are looking for a sweetness that is not from syrup.

Paloma – 166 calories


Tequila lovers often use margaritas to reduce calorie content, or Paloma - a cocktail of grape juice, soda and lemon juice will be the second choice. Skip the added sugar and salt for a healthier drink.

Old Fashioned – 154 calories

If you don't like bourbon, ask for an Old Fashioned with a little bitterness and a little sugar.

Gin and Tonic – 148 calories

Tonic is a wine that contains only 10 calories per ounce (equivalent to 27.2 grams), which when combined with gin creates a cocktail that cannot be more nutritious.

Vodka Soda – 96 calories

Vodka soda is the perfect choice for dieters because soda is a calorie-free drink, the only thing you have to suffer from when using this type of drink is the alcohol content.

Sazerac – 136 calories


To escape boredom, whiskey drinkers often choose Sazerac at the counter. This wine is a mixture of bitter, sugary flavors with low calories.

Rum and Diet – 96 calories

Surely you will be satisfied with the mixture of soda, rum and diet coke. The only thing worth noting here is how much caffeine can keep you awake at night.

Champagne – 90 calories

Champagne and champagne-based drinks are top choices for low-energy cocktails. A basic cocktail (about 120 ml) will have far fewer calories than any wine or drink mix.

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Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood better 10 cocktails that dieters can drink freely and nutritious menus that are good for the body. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay updated with useful information about Nutritional Information.

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