12 culprits that make you have a bread waist

12 culprits that make you have a bread waist

Bread waist circumference can affect the digestive system, reduce beneficial bacteria in the gut, cause inflammation and cause you to gain weight uncontrollably.

Foods that you should stay away from if you want to break up the bread waist and get back the ant waist

1. Foods rich in powdered sugar

Foods high in carbohydrates can upset the balance of gut bacteria, causing inflammation.

Foods in this group have a high percentage of carbohydrates to weight. For example, a small 170g potato that many consider bad carbohydrates is mostly water and only about 23% carbohydrates. Meanwhile, a rice cake weighs only 9g but contains nearly 80% carbohydrates. Other foods that are also capable of making your waist into a loaf of bread include bread, noodles, cereals, white rice, and cookies.

2. Unhealthy Fats

The three types of dietary fat that contribute to belly fat formation are trans fats, saturated fats, and omega 6s.

Packaged foods are rich in trans fats. Processed or fatty meats, whole milk or candy all contain saturated fat. You can find omega 6 in corn oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil.

3. Donuts

If you regularly eat donuts, you are very likely to have a bread waist. One donut contains 260 calories. So it's better that you don't eat a lot, just one is enough.

4. Ice cream

Ice cream

Ice cream provides calcium for the body, but half a cup of vanilla ice cream without topping contains 230 calories. Therefore, you should choose ice cream with the word slow-churned because it is low in fat, rich in flavor and has only 100 calories.

5. French fries

One serving of french fries has about 160 calories and 10 grams of fat. Therefore, you should replace this food with fat-free popcorn because six cups of fat-free popcorn have only 100 calories.

6. Beer

On average, a 350ml can of beer has about 150 calories. These calories will increase when you eat or drink other foods. So, use a low-alcohol beer to cut 100 calories/can.

7. Hot dogs

This is a favorite dish of many people but it is high in calories and fat. A serving of cheese hot dog has up to 390 calories and 8g of harmful fat, eating a lot can make you have a bread waist. Peanuts (peanuts) will be more suitable for you because it contains more protein, fiber and good fats.

8. Fatty meat, the culprit of bread waist

If your favorite dishes are meat and potatoes, you will certainly have a hard time resisting a greasy plate of steak.

However, such a steak can have less than 1,000 calories and 37g of bad fat. Instead, choose lean cuts of meat, such as sirloin or beef ribs, the size of your hand, not too big.

9. Meat Pizza

Meat Pizza

Pizza can be healthy to some extent, but if you like toppings like pepperoni, sausage, cold cuts and beef, it is harmful to the body because 1 slice of pizza contains more than 300 calories. Better yet, go for a veggie pizza topping for more fiber and nutrients, and only 200 calories per slice.

10. Soda

A 500ml bottle of soda usually contains 250 calories. Instead of soda, you should drink water because it contains no calories. If you want to be more awake, use black coffee without sugar without milk. For milk, choose fat-free under 100 calories.

11. Danish cake

A breakfast with danish bread has about 440 calories and is high in fat which is not good for you at all. Instead, have a meal with fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt or avocado-free fruit toast.

12. Frozen food

These foods are convenient, but on the other hand, they're also loaded with calories, sodium, and trans fats.

If you must use frozen foods, it is better to choose lean meats and frozen whole grains for dinner.

So how to have a waist waist bee bottom

So how to have a waist waist bee bottom

1. Eat yogurt

Yogurt is delicious food and very good for your waistline. You can combine yogurt with whole grains, fruits and nuts to add flavor, eat as much as you want without worrying about gaining weight. Low-fat or fat-free yogurt will give you more calcium and vitamin D.

2. Add blueberries

There is no such thing as a miracle food that will burn fat, but if you eat fruit in place of high-fat or high-calorie foods, you can lose weight. Blueberries are rich in nutrients that benefit you and are naturally sweet, so add them to your meals.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise can help you lose weight. Increasing physical activity can help you lose weight and get rid of belly fat and your waistline.

Hopefully with the information about the above foods, you will have a nicer waist so you can confidently dress up in this upcoming holiday.

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Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood better 12 culprits that make you have a bread waist and nutritious menus that are good for the body. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay updated with useful information about Nutritional Information.

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