9 breakfast foods that are bad for your waist

9 breakfast foods that are bad for your waist

Breakfast is an important factor we need to pay attention to. Some studies suggest that eating breakfast may not be necessary to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. But that doesn't mean skipping breakfast is a healthy habit. The 9 worst breakfast choices you should avoid.

1. Store-bought smoothies

Homemade smoothies can have a lot of health benefits. Meanwhile, a store-bought iced smoothie can have more calories than a burger and fries. Smoothies available in grocery stores may also contain the same amount of natural sugars as soda. No matter how different their taste is, they are apple juice. It's best to have a good breakfast with homemade smoothies with Greek yogurt, frozen fruit (without added sugar) and milk.

2. Juices


Although lower in calories than smoothies and packed with vitamins and antioxidants, fruit juice is not the best food to start your day. Most juices don't contain enough fiber and often contain more natural sugars than a can of cola. The natural sugars in juices cause blood sugar and insulin to rise faster than when eating solid foods of similar nutritional value (e.g. apple juice). The researchers suggested that fruit juice was associated with an increased risk of diabetes. So it's best to limit the use of juices and choose fruits and clean protein foods, such as yogurt, strawberries and bananas.

3. Breakfast does not provide enough energy for the body

This eating habit can make you belly fat. In a study published in the journal Obesity, 93 women with immune-related diseases were divided into two dietary groups, each of which ate 1,400 calories at meals throughout the day. In it, one group ate a large 700-calorie breakfast, a 500-calorie lunch, and a 700-calorie dinner. The other group chose to eat the opposite way: 200 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at noon, and 700 at night. As a result, the group that ate a lot of breakfast lost more weight than the other group by 18%. Other studies have also produced similar results. Researchers believe that our bodies typically take in less insulin in the evening, so we burn fewer calories. Ideally, you should eat at least 350 calories for breakfast, including 20g of protein to satisfy the body's need to eat.

4. Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich

One of the most popular breakfasts is an egg sandwich with scrambled eggs, ham and cheese served with scones. This breakfast contains 300-400 calories less than other regular breakfasts but is 25-30g less protein because it is made from a single egg. Best to make a breakfast of two eggs and whole grain bread.

5. Breakfast with cakes

Cakes are one of the most popular breakfast choices, yet they contain starch, which you shouldn't eat early in the morning. Pastries do not provide the amount of fiber and protein your body needs. One study of dieters found that those who ate an egg breakfast lost 65% more weight and lost more belly fat than those who ate carbs for breakfast. The researchers found that a breakfast rich in carbohydrates was only half as satisfying as an egg breakfast. Therefore, people who lose weight will find it difficult to stick to their eating plan. If you're craving carbs, have a whole-grain pastry with an egg.

6. Cold cereals advertised as high in fiber and made from whole grains

You should stay away from the temptation of tempting advertisements for cereals. According to a study from Harvard University, foods made from whole grains contain a lot of sugar, sodium and calories. The best "fiber-rich" foods contain only 1g of fiber per 10g of calories.

7. Drinks containing coffee

Drinks containing coffee

According to the American Coffee Association, one-third of coffee drinkers enjoy drinking coffee-based beverages. However, most of the above drinks contain 300 calories more than the body needs and can contain a lot of sugar. For example, 480ml of mocha and frappuchino usually contain 35-40g of sugar, a cup of green tea latte with soy milk ingredients also contains up to 70g of sugar. Too much sugar in the morning will increase cravings and cravings for sweets because your sugar level is increasing at that time. Ideally, early in the morning you should drink less than 360ml of cappuchino or latte, without cream and syrup. If you prefer to drink soy milk or almond milk, choose the unsweetened version.

8. Greek Yogurt Flavors

Greek yogurts made with traditional methods are classified as superfoods because they contain 2 times the protein content and less than a quarter of the natural sugar compared to regular yogurt. There are also opinions that yogurt has now become "junk food" because it contains too much sugar, artificial ingredients and thickeners added during processing. Plain Greek yogurt contains about 1g of natural milk sugar in about 250g. So it's best to choose Greek yogurt that is low in sugar and contains protein, served with fresh or dried fruit for breakfast.

9. There is no “concept” about breakfast

In a recent clinical trial, experts concluded that eating breakfast was not necessary for weight loss, but there are many other studies to the contrary. Among successful dieters, 78% say they eat breakfast every day. Plus, a Harvard study said that men who don't eat breakfast are 27% more likely to have heart disease and women who don't eat breakfast are 28% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. One study found that people who ate breakfast burned 400 more calories during the day by their daily activities because they were more active.

A quality breakfast is an uplifting start to the day, gives you energy for the day, curbs cravings and helps reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases. Take care of your body right from breakfast.

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