Be careful with foods that cause silent weight gain

Be careful with foods that cause silent weight gain

You have thousands of questions, why are you dieting, even fasting and exercising diligently but still can't lose weight and after following these regimens for a few days, you are tired and depressed, return to your normal activities. The cause may lie in some of the following foods that cause silent weight gain.

Cakes and foods that cause weight gain

Cake is the leading weight gain food

Why do I only eat cake, drink soft drinks, eat nothing else but gain weight ?

Cookies, cakes, instant noodles, packaged dry food, chips, snack cakes, etc. are rich in starch, sugar, salt, cold unhealthy fats. These ingredients when entering the body will only convert into energy. Their poor composition of fiber and other nutrients leaves you unsatisfied and hungry again. The excess amount of starch put into the body will turn into fat for storage. Relying primarily on these weight-gain foods will leave you feeling hungry throughout the day and continuing to gain weight.

Drinks high in sugar are foods that cause weight gain that cannot be ignored

Drinks high in sugar are foods that cause weight gain that cannot be ignored

Examples of high-sugar drinks include soft drinks, sodas, canned fruit juices, energy drinks, canned coffee, canned fruit milk, etc.

These drinks contain almost no or very little nutrition. Like the above-mentioned instant foods, these drinks will satisfy cravings and fill a temporary lack of energy. But soon you will be hungry again because they have nothing much but…water. The amount of sugar taken into the body beyond the use of the cells will also turn into fat and make us gain weight. If you always choose high-sugar drinks as a solution to increase energy, it is not difficult to understand when you cannot lose weight.

Processed meats

Processed meat is a food that causes weight gain

You may be a bit surprised, but canned and processed meat is also a food that causes weight gain if abused. Ready-to-eat meats in cans, cans, sausages, etc. have a very appealing taste and appearance, but should be used in moderation and as a supplementary food. The protein content in these products is not fresh and many nutrients have been lost during processing.

Manufacturers can also add starch as a substrate to the product to have a fixed hardness and shape. Using canned meat, sausages a lot will not bring full nutrition. You quickly feel hungry and easily fall into the world of processed foods that are always waiting to give you more energy to gain weight.

Fast food (fast food)

Fast food is a food that causes weight gain

In Vietnam, fast food is an option. In developed countries, they are a workaround, a small part of the population has become dependent because they cannot prepare their own healthy meals. Fried chicken, french fries, hamburgers, and pizza all have starch, salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats in common. The type of meat used is almost also frozen meat, pureed, making it quick and easy to process. Only a very small portion of fresh fruit and vegetables comes with a fast food set.

Using fast food to replace main meals will cause the body to lack nutrition, or feel hungry and crave food. And when it comes to cravings, you know, it's fast food and other processed foods again, because they taste great and they're always promoted together. So there's nothing wrong with saying fast food is a silent weight gainer.

Avocados can also become foods that cause weight gain

Butter is a food that causes weight gain

Peanut butter, nutela butter, etc. contain a large portion of processed starch. In addition, they, along with margarine, lamb fat, ... also contain large amounts of sugar and salt to enhance flavor and preserve. In particular, these butters and fats are rich in unhealthy fats (trans fats, shortening, saturated fats, etc.). These ingredients are not good for health because they are low in nutrients and provide a lot of energy. You don't need to abstain completely, but you do need to be in moderation.

You can't give up the foods above because they are very tasty? It's okay but should only be used sparingly. It should be noted that if you have added one, you must reduce the other so as not to receive too much energy. In a sustainable and better way, we should eat a balanced and healthy main diet. This diet will include a variety of meat and fish ingredients, vegetables, starches (preferably whole grains), milk, etc. All these ingredients need to be ensured in a minimum amount for a healthy body. In addition, vegetables and fruits need to be increased, because they help you stay full, full, healthy and beautiful, and importantly, do not feel craving for the foods that cause weight gain above.

Salad balances foods that cause weight gain

When you feel hungry, craving mid-morning, try to only use snacks with no or very little energy such as fruits, salads and salads. No longer depend on and significantly cut down on the foods that cause weight gain mentioned above, soon you will successfully lose weight.

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Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood better 12 culprits that make you have a bread waist and nutritious menus that are good for the body. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay updated with useful information about Nutritional Information.

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