Drinking ice water can make you lose weight, believe it

Drinking ice water can make you lose weight, believe it

Many studies have shown that drinking lots of water can help you lose weight. So is ice water your effective assistant like normal filtered water in the process of losing weight or not.

Uses of water for the body

Like the earth, the body is made up of more than 70% water. Water is an essential part of the body, it can be said that water is the basis of life. Water helps transport oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs, regulates body temperature and skin moisture, and aids in digestion and filtering toxins. Humans cannot survive without water for a few days.

Activities in direct sunlight, exercising in warm weather, and activities that require a lot of movement will lead to sweating. You will feel healthy again when you drink a glass of water right after.

When you lose water through sweating, you actually need more water than you lose in your body. We often hear many times "drink 8 glasses of water a day", it will help you prevent dehydration and increase metabolism in the body.

Why can drinking ice water help with weight loss

According to the International Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, drinking ice water can actually help you lose weight. Ice increases your metabolic rate. When you drink ice water as a weight loss drink, fat and sugar in the body are burned for energy which is useful to warm up the body. The ice will then help balance the temperature in your body's core system. Thus, ice helps promote metabolism to create energy more quickly, making weight loss easier.

Drinking ice water can make you lose weight, believe it

Drinking plenty of water each day helps restore the water you lose through sweat and urination. So don't worry about adding a few ice cubes to your glass of water to boost your metabolism. However, you should note that the effects of drinking ice water are different for each person and depend on many internal and external factors. Internal factors may be related to the immune system and how the body responds to something with a low temperature. These external factors can be the weather and the activities you perform. Remember, you drink filtered water with ice added to it, and with other drinks like sweet tea, soda or coffee, there will be different effects.

However, ice does not affect weight loss as much as you exercise and have a reasonable diet. Therefore, the ideal formula to have a beautiful body soon is to eat right + exercise + drink water properly and support strengthening by drinking ice water.

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