How to cut portions without feeling hungry

How to cut portions without feeling hungry

Hunger due to portion reduction becomes an obsession for people trying to lose weight or diet. So how do you both not gain weight and feel comfortable and light during your weight loss process.

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. This obviously means cutting back on portions. However, you don't necessarily have to suffer from hunger pangs until you reach your goal, because portion control doesn't mean eating everything very little, you have to stick to a strict diet. Eat fewer calories.

Here are 8 simple ways you can lose weight without feeling hungry.

1. Start with a glass of water

Drink about 500 ml of water before eating, because filling your stomach with water can help you curb hunger, create a feeling of fullness and make you eat less. Also, some symptoms of dehydration can be the cause of the rumbling sound. Therefore, drinking some water before eating is a simple and easy way to lose weight for everyone.

2. Wear suitable clothes

You may not believe it, but wearing the right clothes can really help you lose weight. Experts advise against forcing yourself into clothes that are too tight, because trying to wrap yourself up in such clothes will make you less able or unwilling to move. Therefore, the calories burned will also be less than when wearing comfortable clothes.

3. Extra vegetables

Extra vegetables

Adding more vegetables to your daily diet is an easy way to cut calories and feel full faster. Spinach can be eaten with sandwiches, pasta and chips, helping to add fiber and other nutrients to the body. To provide more vegetables in your diet, you can substitute mushrooms for half of the ground meat in most dishes either. You can also use oatmeal with chopped apples, or use rye bread in place of regular bread to combine with more vegetables.

4. Dinner on porcelain plate

The color of your plate can affect how much food you consume. Researchers found that people who used a plate and foods with low color contrast (like pasta with Alfredo sauce on a white plate) at a buffet tended to eat 22 percent more than they did. when using plates and foods with higher color contrast (such as pasta with red sauce on a white plate or pasta with Alfredo sauce on a red plate).

The conclusion of the study suggests that if you want to eat less, choose plates with a contrasting color to the food you eat for dinner. Also, if you want to eat more healthy foods (like eating lots of salads), eat your greens from a large green plate or bowl!

5. Put foods that are high in carbohydrates at the top instead of at the bottom

The arrangement of ingredients to make a dish can also affect your weight loss effect. For example, for breakfast ice cream pudding, instead of granola at the bottom, fill your cup with yogurt and then sprinkle some granola on top. What about stir-fry? Fill your plate with veggies and a serving of lean protein, then add a quarter cup of black rice for a great weight loss snack.

6. Eat slowly

Eat slowly

Soft lights and relaxing music can help create a relaxed atmosphere for a meal. Some studies show that spending time relaxing while eating increases pleasure and reduces portion sizes. Remember to chew slowly, put your fork down between each serving and sip some water to make the meal last longer.

7. Make time for cooking

Taking the time to prepare dishes is also a way to slow down your eating process. Foods that require peeling, such as oranges, Japanese soybeans, and shelled pistachios are healthy options that will also aid your weight loss process.

8. Do not use packaged and canned foods

When you eat a bag of chips, do you really know how much you're eating? Researchers from Cornell University have found that people eat up to 50% more french fries when they don't receive visual cues about how much a serving is needed. So if you buy a bag of cookies or a tin that contains 10 servings, divide the portions in the bag into 10 small bags first.

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