How to lose weight properly for each body type

How to lose weight properly for each body type

Listen to your body because only you understand your body best, then we can lose weight properly and successfully. In this article, we will learn about weight loss nutrition suitable for 3 basic human body types.

There are many forms of the human body

Our body has countless human organs. That is the answer to the question above. Everyone's body is different, no one is 100% the same, it's due to genes (DNA(*)) But to simplify, the human body is divided into 3 most basic organs, which are:

- Ectomorph

- Mesomorphs

- Endomorphs

How to determine your body type

How to determine your body type

Measuring your wrist is the simplest way to determine what body type you are.

If your wrist circumference is 15.5-17.7cm: You have an Ectomorph body type.

If your wrist circumference is 17.7 - 20.3cm: You have Mesomorph body type.

If your wrist circumference is over 20.3cm: You have Endomorph body type.

Women's bodies often accumulate more fat than men, so it is more difficult for women to lose weight than men. However, that does not stop women from trying to have a desirable body.

However, losing too much fat can be harmful to the normal functioning of the body. The body fat range for optimal health is 14 – 30% for women and 6 – 25% for men. So, being too obsessed with the diet can make you sick instead of getting a dream body.

Besides, each human body has different problems and methods of losing weight. Knowing your body structure can help you know exactly your strengths and weaknesses, thereby building the most effective and correct weight loss strategies. Determining the correct body shape is very important to achieve your weight loss goals and get a dream figure. So how to determine your own body shape.

Characteristics of the 3 human organs

Characteristics of the 3 human organs

Each body type will have different characteristics, here we will list them together:

1. Human Organ Ectomorph

Ectomorph body (thin body) – if you belong to this body, your limbs will be long and especially the body has no muscles.

Ectomorphs can be "thin and fat" - that is, look thin and thin on the outside, but have a lot of belly and chest fat, and a small skeleton. If you are in this group of people, even though you are very thin and have a low body weight, you still have a high amount of body fat.

Some recognizable features:

- High metabolism, easy to burn fat but difficult to gain weight.

- Picky eaters.

- Small bone structure.

- Long limbs (limbs).

In fact, most Ectomorphs can eat and drink without having to worry about their weight. People with this body type, although carrying a gene that is difficult to gain muscle, can completely increase their body size as well as improve strength significantly with short and high-intensity exercises, focusing on large muscle groups along with a diet rich in nutrients. More specifically, you should eat more meals and need to provide an adequate amount of good fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Because the metabolism of this group of people is very high, causing the body to burn calories quickly, they need to consume a relatively large amount of calories to gain weight. In addition, a bedtime snack can help Ectomorphs prevent muscle catabolism during the night.

The best diets for lean people include higher calories, moderate protein, and low fat: including rice, oatmeal, pasta, beans, vegetables, meat, fat-free fish, and dairy have moderate obesity status. You should also eat before going to bed to avoid muscle catabolism at night.

Training method: Only short-term and high-intensity training should be exercised, mainly focusing on large muscle groups.

2. The Mesomorphic Organism

Mesomorph organs (muscular human organs) can easily gain weight as well as lose weight. They are endowed with innate strength and a solid foundation on which to build muscle.

Some set points to recognize:

- Gaining muscle and losing fat is easy, but it's also easy to gain weight. Therefore, the weight changes frequently.

- Moderate bone structure.

- Flat belly.

- The body is naturally beautiful but still easy to accumulate fat.

Because Mesomorphs have a higher proportion of muscle fibers that twitch faster than other organs, they are very good at sports that rely on strength and speed. Therefore, Mesomorphs should do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises.

On the negative side, Mesomorphs are easier to absorb fat than Ectomorphs. This means they have to keep an eye on calories all the time. The optimal diet for a Mesomorph needs to have enough good fats, proteins, moderate amounts of starch and Amino Acid groups including Isoleusine, Leucine, and Valine.

As for food: mesomorphs need a varied diet, consisting mainly of carbohydrates and equal amounts of fat and protein. The downside in this form is fat gain, so if you are a mesomorph, you need to pay more attention to the amount of calories you eat. You need to consume meat, fish, beans, and protein mixes. Exclude sweets and starchy foods.

Training method: This human body has a large skeleton, strong density, and has the body of an athlete, so it will be suitable for heavy exercises to build the body. If you combine cardio and weight training, it will bring the best results.

3. Endomorph Human Organs

Endomorphs (fatty organs) usually look big, strong, and fat. Endomorphs tend to easily store visceral fat.

Some set points to recognize:

- Low metabolism, difficult to lose weight and also easy to gain weight.

- Large bone structure

- Short limbs (limbs)

- Lower body fat (hips and thighs).

Endomorphs often find it difficult to exercise and are not easily determined to have a desirable body. The reason for this is their round body shape with short limbs, large arms and thighs as well as slow metabolism so they easily gain fat and gain weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult for people with endomorphs if they don't exercise regularly.

However, these people must realize that genetic factors cause the body to become chubby or overweight. Therefore, they need to make a lot of effort and determination to be able to have a desirable slim body. Endomorphs have a lot of muscles, so they are very suitable for leg exercises, especially weight exercises. Training designed weightlifting exercises with high intensity can help them to improve their fitness and improve strength. In addition, they should limit their starch intake and replace them with nutritious foods that enhance metabolism into their daily menu.

The diet should include a lot of fat and protein, and should control carbohydrates and should only be eaten at appropriate times – for example, after exercise. Because it is easy to gain fat, leading to weight gain, endomorph people should eat 4-5 small meals a day. Be mindful of calories and consume as little fat as possible (choose foods like fat-free fish, skinless chicken, and egg whites). Eat only fruit and other carbs in the morning.

Training method: Endomorphs have an advantage in heavy exercises, especially Squats. Aerobic exercise with moderate weight or long training sessions to boost metabolism are also suitable for them.

Once you know what type of person you are, you can come up with a scientific diet as well as the most optimal exercise for yourself. If you are not endowed with a beautiful body, do not be disappointed, constant efforts can also help you achieve the desired body shape. If you are determined, nothing is impossible.

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