New discovery: calculating calories when losing weight is wrong

New discovery: calculating calories when losing weight is wrong

There have been many misconceptions that losing weight is difficult because calories refuse to be lost. In fact, consuming calories is only one part of a weight loss plan, counting calories is a mistake.

When I look at a person's diet and lifestyle, I often see that they have vitamin and mineral deficiencies in their diet. Their bodies were on the verge of collapsing due to the toxins accumulated from binge eating and a severely depressed metabolism. So, we need to have a diet rich in nutrients and put counting calories out of our heads right away because if your body is healthy and balanced, you will naturally feel full and satisfied. No need to eat too much.

The 3500 calorie formula is no longer true

Theoretically, 454 g of fat contains 3500kcal of energy. So, to lose 454 g of fat, you only need to eat 3,500 fewer calories than your body needs. We temporarily call this theory the 3500 formula.

First, calories are not an exact number. These are the common values ​​shown across the entire food group. More importantly, basal metabolic rates (in English, basal metabolic rates, used to talk about calories) are estimates only. The only way to accurately measure BMR is with a gas analyzer. There is never an exact weight and height formula to estimate how much energy a cell uses. The simple reason is that two people can be the same height and weight, but have completely different structures and metabolic processes.

So, counting calories is only for the purpose of minimizing misjudgments. So what if that formula turns out to be an incorrect number.

Now is the time to look at your own biology

New discovery: calculating calories when losing weight is wrong

Let's forget about the caloric value for a while and look at how the body responds to the calorie reduction. Your body doesn't know that you're trying to lose weight, it just thinks you're stuck in some remote area lacking food. So it will try to adjust to help you survive.

At this point, the body will work in a calorie deficit, so it needs to get rid of the body's largest energy consumer, and that is usually the muscle. Your body sadly still doesn't shed excess fat because it uses less energy to store fat just in case the worst case scenario.

Our bodies are programmed to survive. Weight can drop pretty quickly to begin with, but then our bodies will adjust to the lack of energy and food and absorb fewer calories. Then the muscle is lost, the fat is still stored and the metabolism slows down significantly. No matter what, our bodies can still survive.

In 1917, Francis Benedict was the first to conduct the calorie deficit experiment. Researchers have shown that Francis Benedict's study and each subsequent study have the same conclusion that even a few pounds of weight loss are associated with hunger and fatigue, plus a desire to eat more and work less. ".

Studies show that “weight loss is no longer consistent with the 3500 formula – even for a short period of time”. According to Zoe Harcombe, one of the UK's leading nutritionists, this is never an effective method and the weight will come back after a while.

In 1945, Harcombe's research called the Minnesota Famine Experiment was published. “36 men ate only 1,500-1,600 calories a day and had to follow a daily walking schedule. They lose a fraction of the weight that the 3500 formula could predict. They turn into hunger, suffering, and hunger torments themselves constantly. Over a six-month period, the researchers found that it became increasingly difficult to lose any more pounds, even after reducing calorie intake to about 1,000 calories a day. When losing weight based on the allowed number of calories, the men suddenly gained weight. A few weeks after the end of the experiment, they were back to their original weight, even increasing their weight by about 10%.” So, what does this weight loss mean.

When the 3500 theory becomes unfounded, what should you do to promote weight loss

The numbers make sense, but our body is simply not a machine! Harcombe asked the British government and health authorities to explain everything and the answer he received was surprising:

The British Dietetic Association commented that they hold no information on the subject. Likewise, the National Obesity Forums are clueless but they still cite the 3500 formula on their website. The Department of Health replied that they "don't know the reason behind the weight formula". The Clinical Institute was also unable to explain the reason for this misconception. The Dietitian in the management of Obesity points out that “The key to all of this is that weight loss or weight gain is relative.”

This has proven the calorie formula to be a completely wrong statement. No leading agency has come forward to claim responsibility for the results of this calorie formula, yet they are still willing to spread it to the public!

In fact, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence that show that the calorie theory is not valid. But our society still believes in them blindly. The mantra "work more, eat less" for weight loss only seems to make society fatter. At this point, what we need to do is not count calories to lose weight anymore, but start counting the important nutritional elements in the diet.

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