Why is weight loss unsuccessful score the following 5 "culprits"

Why is weight loss unsuccessful? Score the following 5 "culprits"

Exercising hard, eating a strict diet, but why is weight loss unsuccessful. If you are worried about your weight, have you ever wondered

Sometimes, losing weight is an easy thing for some people, but it's also a hard, arduous journey for others. Losing weight is not simply going to the gym or eating a strict diet, there are many other influencing factors. Why you failed to lose weight. Let's "spot" the 5 causes below to know how to fix it.

1. Unsuccessful weight loss due to too much focus on weight loss

Experts say that even when you're "dieting," you may still be absorbing more calories than expected. The reason is because you often think too much about the amount of food that is put into the body. Why is weight loss unsuccessful? A study from Yale University found that if you "think" about your meal too much, your brain produces more of the hormone ghrelin. The more ghrelin the body does not feel full and slows down the metabolism. So instead of focusing on the food, enjoy the taste of it.

2. Eating too much healthy food

Why is weight loss unsuccessful

Eating lots of healthy foods isn't always beneficial, especially when it comes to weight loss. "Healthy" does not mean "low calories". Nuts, avocados, whole-grain pasta, olive oil, and dark chocolate are all great, but they contain a lot of calories. Avocados have a lot of health benefits, but eating one means you have digested more than 200 calories. Although there are many foods that are good for your health and metabolism, you still need to adjust your dosage wisely.

3. Why is weight loss unsuccessful? The reason why drinking water is high in calories

Calories from alcohol, smoothies, latte, soft drinks, tea, and soda can contribute to weight gain. According to experts, drinking these drinks does not help you eat less because most drinks only satisfy thirst and do not affect hunger.

So switch to water, non-carbonated soft drinks, fat-free milk, vegetable juices, and some whole fruit juices. If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation, and choose a low-alcohol variety.

Here is a list of the calories in some drinks:

355 ml light beer: 110 calories.

355 ml heavy beer: 160 calories.

235 ml coffee with cream and sugar: 30 calories.

150 ml of wine: 120-130 calories.

150 ml of spritzer: 80 calories.

470 ml sugar tea: 160 calories.

355 ml soda: 150 calories.

600 ml fruit smoothie: 410 calories.

4. Eat more than exercise

Why is weight loss unsuccessful

Exercise is essential for any weight loss process because it burns excess calories in the body. So why is weight loss unsuccessful even though you've worked hard? Is it because I think I've worked out so hard that I allow myself to eat comfortably.

In fact, this is the main reason many people work out all the time and still fail to lose weight. In most cases, we often overestimate how many calories are actually burned and underestimate how many calories we actually eat. We only walk 5 km (burning 240 calories) and have rushed to fill a tight stomach with food, with ten times the calories. So, always keep in mind that exercise helps you burn extra calories, not a reason to eat more.

Always remind yourself: “I worked out today, but I am only allowed to eat a little bit of gas today.” or, “Eat today, then we'll have to make up for it tomorrow.”

5. Why is weight loss unsuccessful? Due to not drinking enough water

If you want to lose weight, always give your body enough water. Have you noticed that eating foods that contain a lot of water like fruits and vegetables makes you feel fuller faster? One small study even found that drinking cold water can speed up your metabolism and prevent cravings for sugary drinks like soda and juice.

Staying hydrated also helps keep the body from becoming dehydrated. The more lack of water, the kidneys will not be able to function properly, the liver is also not able to purify, leading to fat accumulation in the body and making you fatter. So, make it a habit to drink at least 1.5l of water per day.

Losing weight isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you can't succeed. All you need is an iron will, proper perseverance, and slowly you will do it. If you need any help, check it out in the beauty, diet and exercise section.

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