Food for people with type 2 diabetes: Which is good, which is not

Food for people with type 2 diabetes: Which is good, which is not

With the right diet, people with diabetes can keep blood sugar levels stable. So what are the foods for type 2 diabetics should and shouldn't eat? Let's explore with Health Life For You.

For patients with type 2 diabetes, choosing the right foods can help improve and control blood sugar levels, reduce medication doses, and control weight well. There is no such thing as an absolute ban when you have diabetes. There are some food groups you should eat more of, while some should limit your intake.

What are the foods for type 2 diabetics

Before going into learning what foods for type 2 diabetics are, you need to know that although diabetes is a disease closely related to carbohydrates and sugars we eat every day but have diabetes. Diabetes doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite foods, usually sweets. You can still enjoy many foods and still keep your blood sugar levels stable.

When designing a diet for people with diabetes, in addition to based on blood sugar levels and the ratio of nutrients to ensure the maximum allowable amount of carbohydrates, the dietitian also relies on dietary preferences. of patients to balance between blood sugar stability and quality of life.

If you have knowledge about nutrition and food for people with diabetes, you can easily choose for yourself delicious dishes without having to raise your blood sugar.

food for people with type 2 diabetes

The amount of sugar in the blood is mainly influenced by the amount of carbohydrates eaten and the amount of glucose that the liver synthesizes. Most of the glucose converted from the food we eat will be used as energy for the body's activities, the rest is stored in the liver.

The time between meals and during the night, when blood sugar drops, the body will convert glycogen stored in the liver into glucose to release into the blood to ensure the body's vital activities and maintain blood sugar at a healthy level. stable.

People with diabetes have a disordered mechanism of blood sugar regulation due to deficiency and reduced activity of blood sugar-regulating hormones, so it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, increase green vegetables, and choose easily absorbed protein sources. and reduce the amount of fat in the daily diet.

How to choose foods for people with type 2 diabetes by group

1. Powdered sugar

The question is how much carbohydrates should a person with diabetes eat in a day? Scientific studies show that the amount of carbohydrates people with type 2 diabetes eat during the day should only account for 55-60% of total energy. Energy for an average adult is 2,000 calories/day. Energy levels will vary with age, physical activity level, weight status, and gender. If you need to lose weight, you have to cut back on calories. 1g of powdered sugar provides 4kcal.

Carbohydrates are found in what foods

- Carbohydrates are found in foods for type 2 diabetics as follows:

- Rice and processed products such as vermicelli, noodle soup, pho, rice flour cakes, sticky rice, noodles, noodles...

- Wheat and processed products such as noodles, noodles, bread of all kinds...

- Potatoes, cassava, corn, legumes, oats.

- Confectionery.

- Soft drinks of all kinds.

- Fruit.

- Snacks: chips, snack cakes...

Which type of carbohydrate is good for people with diabetes

Slow-metabolizing, unprocessed foods such as brown rice, barley, raw wheat, corn, legumes... are better foods for people with type 2 diabetes than processed flours and cakes. because it does not increase blood sugar quickly after eating and retains a lot of fiber and vitamins. When eating foods high in fiber, sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly.

2. Protein-rich foods for people with type 2 diabetes

Protein-rich foods are good for health

People with diabetes should eat protein with an amount of about 13 - 20% of total daily energy (1g of protein provides 4kcal). It should be noted that 1g of protein does not mean 1g of pork or beef. Normally, 100g of meat contains about 16-20g of protein. You can find information on the Internet about the amount of protein in foods for type 2 diabetes.

Should choose easily absorbed protein, low in saturated fat because it helps reduce the risk of kidney disease due to diabetes and cardiovascular complications for people with the disease.

Protein-rich foods to choose from are:

- Fish.

- Beans, mushrooms, tofu.

- Egg.

- Milk.

- Poultry meats.

In the composition of pork and red meat such as beef and lamb, they contain a lot of saturated fat, so their use should be limited.

3. Fat

Foods rich in fat are actually still very good for people with type 2 diabetes. Specifically, you should eat fat with about 20-25% of total daily energy (1g of fat provides up to 9kcal).

Fat is still an important source of energy, helps absorb vitamins and is a substrate in the synthesis of endocrine hormones. For people with diabetes, unsaturated fats are better than saturated fats.

Foods that provide good fats are:

- Olive, soybean, sunflower oil.

- Fatty fish.

- Nuts like almonds, walnuts…

- Avocado.

Fats found in fast food, red meat, animal fat, and butter are not good for the body.

4. Vegetables and fruits are good food groups for people with type 2 diabetes

food for people with type 2 diabetes

Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber in the daily diet for people with diabetes. Fiber helps limit hyperglycemia, reduce blood vessel fat, and prevent constipation.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants help regulate metabolism, protect cells and blood vessel walls. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins have the advantage of containing very little sugar, so people with diabetes can eat a lot of vegetables in their daily diet without worrying about increasing blood sugar.

Contrary to vegetables, fruits contain quite a lot of fructose, which is a fast-metabolizing sugar, so people with diabetes should only eat less sweet fruits, eat no more than 200g per day. Sugary fruits such as mango, jackfruit, longan, grapes, durian… should be eaten less than once every 2 weeks and must be eaten after the main meal. People with diabetes should eat fruits such as grapefruit, acerola, dragon fruit, melon, apple...

Above is information about foods for people with type 2 diabetes should eat and need to limit. You should choose healthy foods to live a happy and healthy life to minimize the complications of your disease.

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Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Food for people with type 2 diabetes: Which is good, which is not as well as this measure to balance. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Type 2 Diabetes !

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